The rapid development of new glass drives a huge demand for quartz


The new type of glass has achieved innovations and breakthroughs in traditional glass in terms of chemical composition, production technology, processing technology, etc., and significantly improved the original performance of traditional glass, thereby broadening the application fields of traditional glass. It is supporting information display and new energy. Key core materials for the development of national strategic emerging industries such as aerospace, energy conservation and environmental protection. So, what are the specific applications of new glass in the electronic information industry, solar energy industry, and energy saving and environmental protection industry?

1.Application of information display substrate glass

Information display substrate glass is one of the key basic materials in the flat panel display industry. With the vigorous development of display industries such as TFT-LCD and OLED in recent years, the market scale and demand for glass substrates have also grown steadily.

2.Application of ultra-white solar glass

At present, solar power generation is generally divided into two categories: solar photovoltaic power generation and solar thermal power generation. Photovoltaic power generation can be divided into crystalline silicon semiconductor power generation and thin-film semiconductor photovoltaic power generation. Whether it is photovoltaic power generation or thermal power generation, special processed ultra-white glass must be used. In addition to solar power generation, ultra-white glass has many other uses, such as solar ecological buildings, solar collectors, solar dryers, solar distillation systems, and seawater desalination devices.

The industry predicts that the solar industry’s demand for ultra-white glass will continue to grow rapidly. It is estimated that by 2020, the solar industry’s demand for commercial glass will reach 4.5 billion square meters.

3.Application of energy-saving glass

Low-E glass is a new type of energy-saving daylighting material. It has the characteristics of low surface emissivity E, high infrared reflectance, moderate visible light transmittance, and is recognized as the most ideal window glass material in the world.

Electrochromic glass is a new type of functional glass. This device composed of basic glass and electrochromic system utilizes the tunability of light transmission (or absorption) caused by electrochromic materials under the action of an electric field, which can be Realize the purpose of adjusting the light intensity by the will of people. At the same time, the electrochromic system selectively absorbs or reflects external heat radiation and prevents internal heat diffusion, which can reduce the amount of energy that must be consumed by buildings such as office buildings and residential houses to keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

The above several new types of glass are inseparable from its main raw material-quartz. The rapid development of strategic emerging industries and the country’s recent high attention to industrial safety have provided a broad space for the independent and high-quality development of new glass materials. At the same time, it has also put forward newer requirements and better requirements for the application and demand of quartz raw materials. Opportunity.

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