Silica Powder is by natural quartz (SiO₂) or fused quartz (natural quartz by high temperature melting, cooling amorphous SiO₂) after crushing, ball milling (or vibration, airflow grinding), flotation, pickling purification, high purity water treatment and other multi-channel processing and into the powder. Silica Powder is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free inorganic non-metallic material. Because it has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, low expansion, stable chemical performance, high hardness and other excellent properties, is widely used in chemical industry, electronics, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, plastics, coatings, senior paint, rubber, national defense and other fields. With the rapid development of high technology, silica powder will enter a new historical development period.



It can be divided into: silica powder for paint coating, silica powder for epoxy floor, silica powder for rubber, silica powder for sealant, silica powder for electronic grade and electrical grade plastic sealing material, silica powder for precision ceramics.

Silica Powders for copper clad plates

Silica Powder with acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high insulation, high thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, low expansion coefficient, low dielectric coefficient of excellent performance, so in the copper clad plate industry is increasingly widely used. With the improvement of the surface treatment conditions of silica powder, improve its compatibility with resin system, so silica powder as a filler applied to the copper clad plate, not only can reduce the cost, but also improve some properties of the copper clad plate (such as thermal expansion coefficient, bending strength, dimensional stability, etc.), is a real functional filler.

Silica Powders for electronic and electrical grade plastic sealants

Mesh number: 600-5000 mesh; The SiO ₂ : > 99.5%;Whiteness: >90 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: reduce the viscosity of the mixed material system, improve the processing performance, improve the penetration ability of the mixture, reduce the expansion coefficient of the solidified material and the solidification process shrinkage, reduce the thermal difference.

Silica Powder for paint coating

Mesh number: 600-2500 mesh; The SiO ₂ : > 99.5%;Whiteness: between 70 and 94 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: oil absorption, low mixing viscosity, good dispersibility and fluidity, small Angle of repose formed by accumulation, friction resistance.

Silica Powder for epoxy floor

Mesh number: 600-1250 mesh; The SiO ₂ : > 99%;Whiteness: between 70 and 94 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: low viscosity, good fluidity, good stacking, easy compaction, easy to combine with epoxy resin. Compared with traditional silica powder, epoxy resin dosage can be saved.

Silica Powder for rubber

Mesh number: 1250-5000 mesh; The SiO ₂ : > 99.5%;Whiteness: >70-94 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: good permeability, good dispersion, strong bonding, enhance the adhesive strength between the film and canvas, enhance the wear resistance of rubber products.

Silica Powder for sealant

Mesh number: 1250 mesh; The SiO ₂ : > 99.5%;Whiteness: >80-94 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: improve the adhesive strength, yield value, shear force dilution index of colloid. With thickening, reinforcing effect, anti – tear, anti – aging effect.

Silica Powder for precision ceramics

Mesh number: 5000 mesh; The SiO₂ : > 99.7%;Whiteness: >92 degrees; Hardness: 7 (Mohs hardness).
Features: chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance, developed pores, surface activity, low oil absorption rate, high temperature resistance, strong thickening, good electrical insulation, UV resistance.



It can be divided into ordinary silica powder, electrical silica powder, electronic silica powder, molten silica powder, ultrafine silica powder, “spheroidal” silica powder.

Common silica powder

Used for epoxy resin castable, potting and sealing material, welding electrode protective layer, metal casting, ceramic, silicone rubber, coating and other chemical industries.

Electrical grade silica powder

Used for insulation casting of ordinary electrical parts, insulation casting of high voltage electrical appliances, APG process injection material, epoxy potting material, high-grade ceramic glaze, etc.

Electron-grade silica powder

Mainly used for integrated circuits, electronic components plastic sealing materials and packaging materials.

Molten silica powder

For large and very large scale integrated circuit plastic sealing material, epoxy casting material, potting material, and other chemical fields.

Ultrafine silica powder

Mainly used in coatings, paints, engineering plastics, adhesives, silicone rubber, precision casting advanced ceramics.

“Spherular” silica powder

High quality “spherular” silica powder, with very low oil absorption, mixing viscosity and friction coefficient. Main applications: used for coating, epoxy floor, silicone rubber, etc., greatly reduce the cost, significantly improve the processing performance of mixed materials.



It can be divided into: crystalline silica powder, molten silica powder, quartzite silica powder, active silica powder.

Crystalline silica powder

Crystalline silica powder is made of high grade natural quartz by unique iron-free grinding process. It can be divided into high purity crystalline silica powder, electronic crystalline silica powder and general packing crystalline silica powder.

Molten silica powder

Its color is white, high purity and has the following characteristics: extremely low coefficient of linear expansion; Good electromagnetic radiation; Stable chemical properties such as chemical corrosion resistance; Reasonable, orderly and controllable particle size distribution.

Cristobalite silica powder

Quartz silica powder is a kind of powder which is made of high quality natural quartz and processed by special process. High purity silica obtained after high temperature calcination can stabilize the changed crystal structure through rapid cooling.

Active silica powder

Through its unique process, the surface of activated silica powder is modified with silane and other materials to enhance the hydrophobic property of silica powder and improve the mechanical, electronic and chemical properties of the mixture and filling system.