Focus on silica powder (ultrafine quartz powder) grinding, grading, modification for 20 years

Processing Technology of Silica Powder (Ultrafine Quartz Powder)

Because silica powder has good temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, poor thermal conductivity, high insulation, low expansion, stable chemical performance, high hardness and other excellent properties, is widely used in chemical industry, electronics, integrated circuit (IC), electrical appliances, plastics, coatings, senior paint, rubber, national defense and other fields.

Processing technology of grinding and classifying

After the ultra-fine grinding and grading of non-metallic mineral deep processing products can greatly create profits, but also improve the quality of related products; With the continuous exploitation of mineral resources, the grade of minable stone is constantly declining, and the quality of most minerals can not meet the requirements of use. It needs to be processed by crushing and other processing technologies before meeting the standard of use. So the pulverization process is more and more important in the industrial process of quartz processing.

Powder Surface Coating Process – Dry Process

In the polymer materials and composites such as plastics, rubber, adhesives, non-metallic powder filler, must be modified on the surface of the filler, enhance its compatibility with the matrix, dispersion, mechanical strength and comprehensive performance. The surface modification of quartz powder is one of the most effective ways and most important technologies to optimize its properties, open up new fields of adaptation and increase the industrial value and added value.

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About ALPA

focus on silica powder (ultrafine quartz powder)

High-end applications and processing technology of silica powder (ultrafine quartz powder), such as semiconductor chip packaging, copper-clad plate preparation, etc., are important areas of research and development at ALPA. ALPA’s ball mill classification production line, Jet mill, air classifier, etc., are widely used in fine processing of silica powder, greatly promoting the application field expansion, technical progress and industrial upgrading of ultrafine quartz and related products.

Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier of ultra-fine powder solutions in China. The company is located in anqiu weifang city, shandong province advanced manufacturing industrial park, with more than 50000 square meters of production base and modern management system, which are dedicated for the super pure crushing and classification research, powder shape control and selective crushing, powder surface modification, as well as provide solutions for the system integration of engineering equipment for powder, nearly 3 years production has more than 200 million yuan.

ALPA always keeps in mind the mission of “creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology”, adheres to the values of “compliance and trust, harmony and coexistence”, constantly improves and innovates, and strives to base itself on the market with advanced technology, professional technology and stable quality to promote the long-term development of the company.


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