Special Vibration Mill

for Silica Powder (Ultrafine Quartz Powder)

Low request power, wide application range and high cost performance, suitable for D50:2.5~150 micron grinding.

Features: Low noise, wear resistance, less pollution; suitable for micron grinding of various soft and hard materials with Mohs hardness below 9; can be used for powder mixing, surface coating modification, mechanochemical modification, etc.

Application: Widely used in chemical, mineral, building materials, metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, refractories, food, health products, new materials and other industries.

Working Principle and Equipment type features

Under the high frequency vibration of high-speed vibration exciter (or vibration motor), the grinding medium (rod, segment and ball) in the grinding cylinder makes strong projectile motion, high-speed rotation motion and slow revolution motion, which causes strong impact, friction and shear action on the materials during the dispersion period, so that the materials are superfine comminuted and evenly mixed.

It can be used in a variety of processing methods

The product particle size can be changed by adjusting the grinding medium gradation, amplitude, frequency and other parameters, which can be used in series with the classifier to obtain finer product particle size; it can be used for powder mixing, surface coating modification, mechanochemical modification, etc.

Wear resistance and less pollution

The grinding medium and lining plate can be made of special materials such as high manganese steel, high chromium steel, stainless steel, alumina, zirconia, quartz, etc., with wear resistance and less pollution.

Good shock absorption and low noise

Using air spring or rubber spring instead of hard spring has long service life, good shock absorption effect and low noise.

Automation control system

The control system adopts program control, which is easy to operate; the explosion-proof design can be selected to meet the requirements of ultra-fine grinding of inflammable, explosive and oxidizable materials.

Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters of Medium & Small Amplitude Vibration Mill
Cavity volume(L)103050100200300500
Feeding particle size (mm)55510101010
Production particle size(μm)10-15010-15010-15010-15010-15010-15010-150
Installed power(kW)0.751.
Technical Parameters of Large Amplitude Vibration Mill
Cavity volume(L)100300500600800100012002000
Feeding particle size (mm)55555555
Production particle size(μm)10-15010-15010-15010-15010-15010-15010-15010-150
Installed power(kW)1545557590110150220

Примечание: Производственные мощности, размер материала, удельный вес, твердость, влажность и другие показатели тесно связаны между собой. Параметры, казанные выше, предоставлены для ознакомления. За подробной информацией свяжитесь с нашим инженером.

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