Horizontal Air Classifier

Single Rotor/Multiple Rotor
for Silica Powder (Ultrafine Quartz Powder)

With horizontal staged turbine, the rotor speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the particle size distribution can be adjusted flexibly, classifying efficiency (extraction ratio) can be 60%~90%, available D50:1.5-25μm.

High speed, accurate vertex cutting; clean production process; program control system, easy to adjust and operate.

Widely used in mineral industry (especially suitable for classification of non mineral products such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, quartz, talc, mica), metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, refractory, medicine, pesticide, food, health care products, new materials, etc..

Belt transmission, stable and reliable

The traditional way uses DC motor, which has poor coordination accuracy, high motor failure rate and limited speed. We use belt connect motor, stable and reliable, to achieve high speed.

High precision classifying rotor

It adopts horizontal grading turbine device, with high speed and accurate vertex cutting, which can meet the demanding product requirements. The highest speed can reach 65m/s, and the rotor speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion to flexibly adjust the particle size distribution.

Automation technology, stable

Automation technology, free from human operation interference, is stable from beginning to end; superfine powder has good repeatability, stable and reliable; ceramic protection technology, no metal pollution, meets the requirements of high-purity materials; the whole powder process has zero metal contact, reaching the requirements of high standards.

Large scale and large capacity

The use of multiple horizontal installation of the rotor can achieve higher output than a single rotor;
The classification efficiency (extraction rate) can reach 60% – 90%.

Working Principle and Equipment type features

The classifier and cyclone separator, dust collector and induced draft fan form a classifying system. Under the action of fan suction, the material is moved from the lower inlet of the classifier to the classifying zone with the ascending airflow. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating turbine, the materials are separated and the fine particles which meet size requirements through the classifier impeller gap into the cyclone separator or the dust collector, the coarse particles entrained part of the fine particles collided with the wall and the velocity disappeared, descending along the cylinder wall to the secondary air outlet, and the coarse and fine particles were separated by the strong washing action of the secondary air. The fine particles rise to the classification zone for secondary classifying, and the coarse particles are lowered to the discharge port for discharging.

Single Classifying Wheel Working Principle
  • A horizontal mounted staged rotor, linear speed can reach 100m/s;
  • The rotor speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the force distribution can be adjusted flexibly;
  • Suitable for precise classifying of dry micron material;
  • Available D50:1.5-25μm.
Multiple Classifying Wheel Working Principle
  • The rotor diameter is 315mm-630mm, and 2-6 rotors, which is used for ultra-fine powder classification;
  • The classifying wheel increases the classifying space on the top of silo;
  • Inverter control, adjustable speed;
  • Higher output than single rotor.

Technical Parameters

Horizontal Air Classifier(Single Classifying Wheel) Technical Parameters
Production Capacity(kg/h)10~10020~20050~500100~1500200~2500400~4000
Production Particle size (D97:μm)3~453~453~453~453~455~45
Classifying efficiency(%)60~8060~8060~8060~8060~8060~80
Installed Power(kW)7~1115~1921~2823~3052~6067~77
Horizontal Air Classifier(Multiple Classifying Wheel) Technical Parameters
Production Capacity(t/h)0.2~1.50.3~21~52~83~103~105~155~208~30
Production Particle size   (D97:μm)3~453~453~453~453~455~455~455~455~45
Classifying efficiency(%)60~8060~8060~8060~8060~8060~8060~8060~8060~80
Installed Power(kW)60~90175~100135~155170~190250~290220~290290~390340~440500~580

Примечание: Производственные мощности, размер материала, удельный вес, твердость, влажность и другие показатели тесно связаны между собой. Параметры, казанные выше, предоставлены для ознакомления. За подробной информацией свяжитесь с нашим инженером.

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