About ALPA

We have rich experience in the field of silica powder ultrafine grinding, classifying, and surface modification for 20 years, and we will be devoted to our industry and making efforts.

Company Profile

High-end applications and processing technology of silica powder (ultrafine quartz powder), such as semiconductor chip packaging, copper-clad plate preparation, etc., are important areas of research and development at ALPA. ALPA’s ball mill classification production line, Jet mill, air classifier, etc., are widely used in fine processing of silica powder, greatly promoting the application field expansion, technical progress and industrial upgrading of ultrafine quartz and related products.

Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known supplier of ultra-fine powder solutions in China. The company is located in anqiu weifang city, shandong province advanced manufacturing industrial park, with more than 220,000 square meters of production base and modern management system, which are dedicated for the super pure crushing and classification research, powder shape control and selective crushing, powder surface modification, as well as provide solutions for the system integration of engineering equipment for powder, nearly 3 years production has more than 1000 million yuan.

ALPA always keeps in mind the mission of “creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology”, adheres to the values of “compliance and trust, harmony and coexistence”, constantly improves and innovates, and strives to base itself on the market with advanced technology, professional technology and stable quality to promote the long-term development of the company.

Expert Team

Zhang Jingjie

Chairman of ALPA company, the director of China particle association, the expert member of Innovation Committee of China non-metal mining association, expert member of China strategic alliance of solid waste recycling industry technology innovation, the member of the think tank of solid waste recycling resource recycling recognized by China green building materials industry development alliance and China building materials industry planning research institute.

Shang Zhixin

He once worked in the Powder Engineering Research Office of Materials Science and Technology of Tsinghua University. He was responsible for and participated in multiple horizontaland vertical projects in the research office. As the main R&D personnel, he participated in the “Technology Research of Highly Dispersed Silica for Environmentally Friendly Tires” and was listed as a major scientific and technological project of Shanxi Province during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

Chen Yigang

Selected as Shanghai “Oriental Scholar”, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Electronic Information Materials of Materials Institute of Shanghai University, graduated from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Tsinghua University (PhD). He has worked in Karlsruhe Research Center in Germany and Industrial Technology Research Institute in Japan for 11 years. He is a well-known material science and engineering expert in the industry.


Chief engineer of ALPA company, graduated from computer technology and Application Major of Hefei University of technology, successively worked in the third design and Research Institute of China Ministry of chemical industry, project manager of IVA China office and chief engineer of China region. Designed and organized the implementation of the German IVA company’s Sichuan Baoxing Phase II 30,000-ton ultra-fine calcium carbonate project, Hubei Huangshi Huijin’s 30,000-ton ultra-fine calcium carbonate project, Benxi Changtai’s 50,000-ton ultra-fine calcium carbonate project, and Kunshan platform. A number of non-metal ultrafine powder processing projects such as the Jiaer 10,000-ton glass fiber grade quartz powder project and the Dalian Aomag 50,000-ton light burnt magnesia powder project.

Liao Hongqiang

Selected into the “Beijing millions talent plan”. He graduated by the Department of Thermal Energy Engineering of Tsinghua University (postdoctoral), once served as the director of the Institute of resource comprehensive utilization and environmental protection in Shougang Technology Research Institute, deputy director of Beijing Key Laboratory of solid waste management and comprehensive utilization. At present, he is deputy director of institute of resources and environment, Shanxi University and Shanxi Key Laboratory of coal and electricity pollution control and waste resource utilization.

Li Baozhi

Graduated from Radioactive Geophysical Prospecting Program of Chengdu Institute of Geology,. He is the deputy secretary-general and member of the Expert Committee of China Non-metallic Minerals Industry Association currently; member of the National Kaolin Expert Group and the Non-metallic Mineral Processing and Utilization Expert Group. A well-known expert of non-metallic mineral powder modification in China.

Certificate of Honor