Introduction and Application of Spherical Quartz Powder


Spherical quartz powder (spherical silica powder) refers to the amorphous quartz powder material whose individual particles are spherical and the main component is silicon dioxide. Spherical quartz powder is mainly used for large-scale integrated circuit packaging, and is also used in high-tech fields such as aviation, aerospace, fine chemicals, rewritable optical discs, large-area electronic substrates, special ceramics, and daily cosmetics.

Spherical quartz powder has superior properties such as smooth surface, large specific surface area, high hardness, and stable chemical properties. First of all, the spherical powder has good fluidity, can be mixed with resin to form a uniform film, the amount of resin added is small, and the filling amount of quartz powder is high, with a mass fraction of up to 90.5%. The higher the filling amount of quartz powder, the lower the thermal conductivity, the smaller the thermal expansion coefficient of the molding compound, the closer to the thermal expansion coefficient of single crystal silicon, the better the performance of the electronic components produced. Secondly, the stress of the spherical powder is only 60% of the stress of the angular powder, and the molding compound made of spherical quartz powder has the smallest stress concentration and the highest strength. Finally, the surface of the spherical powder is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the wear and tear on the mold is small, and the service life of the mold can be extended by more than 1 times.

With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the production and sales of more and more electronic information products such as mobile phones and personal computers have entered the forefront of the world, driving the continuous expansion of the integrated circuit market. Due to its superior properties such as high dielectric, heat resistance, humidity resistance, corrosion resistance, high filling amount, low expansion, low stress, low impurity, low friction, and low price, quartz powder is widely used in substrates and packaging materials for large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits. It has become an indispensable high-quality material.

1. High sphericity: true spherical particles with a median particle size range of 2~30 um;
2. High purity: high-purity raw materials and special process treatment, low impurity ion content, low crystallization content;
3. Small specific surface area: non-porous surface, low moisture content;
4. The particle size distribution is narrow and controllable: it is convenient for grading and mixing treatment;
5. Good dispersibility: small surface energy, smooth sphere, easy to disperse.
main application
1. Epoxy molding compound: used as a filler in epoxy molding compound, which can increase the strength and thermal conductivity of components and save a lot of resin;
2. Copper shoe: Make the product stronger, better in thermal conductivity, and less likely to cause source errors in low-ray integrated circuits;
3. Electronic ink: used in electronic ink, with better hiding power and bright colors;
4. Optical fiber: it can be used as a high-quality raw material for optical fiber production;
5. Cosmetics: Due to its good dispersibility and oil-water compatibility, it can be used in cosmetics such as lipstick, powder cake, and foundation cream;
6. Ceramic composite materials: with good dielectric properties, low thermal expansion coefficient and good electrical insulation, they can be used in precision ceramics, electronic ceramics, advanced ceramics, synthetic mullite materials, enamel glazes and special refractory materials;
7. Coating industry: UV absorption and infrared reflection characteristics can prolong the aging performance of coatings and improve the quality of coatings.

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