Silicon dioxide | “universal medicinal accessories” of drug preparations


Drug preparations are the final product composed of the main medicine, auxiliary materials and craftsmanship. The auxiliary materials are an indispensable component. It can be said that medicinal auxiliary materials are the basic materials and important parts of the pharmaceutical preparation, which plays a key role in preparation type and production. With the rapid development of medicinal auxiliary materials production technology, excellent auxiliary materials that have low hygroscopicity, excellent supplementary materials and excellent slices and good tastes are increasingly concerned in the development of oral solid preparations.

Micro -powder silicone

Micro -powder silicone is silicon dioxide, alias of white carbon black, silicone, sedimentary silicone, Silicon Gel, Preeipitalted Silica, White Carbou, etc. The molecular formula is SIO2 · NH2O, and the relative molecular weight is 60.08.

Micro -powder silicone is a white powder with good liquidity, high purity, and pollution -free. It has the characteristics of small particle size, larger surface area, and many pores. At the same time, the silicon hydroxy base distributed on the surface makes it good adsorption performance. In the field of pharmaceuticals, micr powder silicone is a very easy -to -use medicinal auxiliary material. It is an excellent flow promotional agent in the production process of tablets. Increase, shorten the time limit of collapse, thereby increasing the speed of drug dissolution. In addition, because of the characteristics of adsorption moisture and promoting flow, micro powder silicone is very suitable for the application of traditional Chinese medicine companies in Chinese medicine extracts. The application in pharmaceutical preparations has attracted more and more attention.

Advantages of Micro -powder silicone

1) It is a single inorganic compound with stable chemical and physical properties and will not respond to the main component in the drug preparation, which can ensure the efficacy of the drug;
2) Has a good water absorption, which can shorten the time limit of drugs without affecting the formation of the preparation;
3) No starch and protein, the preparation does not mildew and causes the drug to fail;
4) It can be separated separately during the analysis of drug preparations, and the analysis of conventional capacity, visible ultraviolet light, and chromatography analysis, and even ion spectrum analysis does not generate interference, affecting the accuracy of the analysis;
5) During the metabolism of the drug, the original form is discharged from the original form. It is not absorbed by metabolism, ensuring the minimum drug reactions to the minimum.

Multi -faceted application of microfanten silicone in the preparation

Micro powder silicone is used as a lubricant and flow agent in the pharmaceutical industry. The lubricant can reduce the friction of the punching, increase the slidingness of the particles, make it fill well, and the density of the tablets is evenly distributed, and it also ensures the integrity of the launch. The flow aid reduces the friction between the particles, increases the liquidity, can meet the requirements of the rapid and uniform filling of the high -speed rotating chip machine, and also ensure that the difference in the weight difference meets the requirements.

In pharmaceutical manufacturing, it is mainly used as a disintegent, anticurious, and agent to increase the speed of drug dissolution. In granules, it can be used as an internal desiccant to enhance the stability of the drug. Thickening agent, etc.

Siliconized microcrystalline cellulose

Siliconized microcrystalline cellulose (SMCC) refers to microcrystalline cellulose that sedimentary or adhesive microfimalized silicone. Specifically, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide are mixed with different quality, and it is made of spray drying. It has better liquidity. It is a modified micro -crystal cellulose launched with the needs of direct film technology.

The specific application of silicon microcrystalline cellulose in the preparation

(1) Type direct pressure tablets are used as diluents

SMCC has good liquidity, compression, and excellent re -processing performance (refers to the ability that can be crushed for re -processing when the batch is unqualified, and its nature is basically not changed), which is often used as a tablet for tablets. Dilute agents or filling doses solve problems such as large thermal instability and large doses of active ingredients in direct pressing tablets, and problems such as water -absorbing and sticky Chinese medicine active drugs.

(2) Specific dosage tablets

For specific drug doses, it is necessary to ensure uniform content and require less diluents. SMCC’s large comparison area characteristics give it excellent decentralized performance, so that they can use less amounts when preparing small doses to prepare for pressure for pressure. piece. For some technical problems such as large doses of administration to achieve efficacy, ordinary wet -fired granules can easily cause tablets and granular large techniques. Using SMCC’s good adhesion and pressure can be used to reduce the pressure and compressor and reduce the amount of accessories and the amount of accessories and the amount of supplementary material. The doses with good disintegration and uniform drug content finally achieved large -dose drugs and small volumes.

(3) Preparation of tablets chip cells or pill cores

Due to the needs of coating, the chip core is basically required to be smooth, uniform and strong resistant to its surface. The pill core requires the surface to be rounded, the particle size is uniform, the dense and the crushing degree is low. Anti -tension. Studies have shown that SMCC has a large ratio of surface area and lower vibration density. Adding about 20 % of SMCC when preparing the core can make the chip core have stronger tension strength and smaller size.

(4) Quickly disintegrate drugs (oral collapse, decentralized tablets)

SMCC has a large ratio area, which gives the preparations with good preparations. Therefore, it is mainly used in actual preparations to prepare oral collapse tablets and traditional Chinese medicine dispersion tablets. In the process of preparation of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, most Chinese medicines are easy to absorb and bonded. Due to SMCC’s low sensitivity to water and absorbing storage water, it can be used as a diluent The craftsmanship in the scattered film.

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