200~1250 mesh mid-grade quality silica powder, generally adopts the production process of Ball Mill and Air Classifier, the single-line production capacity is 2t/h~20t/h, this process is mature and reliable, there are many cases of us about this production lines: Anhui Fengyang, Anqing, Henan , Heyuan, Guangdong, Qingyuan, Foshan, Jiangxi, Tangshan, Hebei, Linyi, Shandong and other customers. Mainly produce 200~400 mesh. On the basis of this product, a small amount of 600~1000 mesh products with less stringent requirements are produced at same time.

Output of the ball mill is subject to various conditions such as the fineness of the feed material, the effective diameter of the mill after the lining, the length-to-diameter ratio, the speed of the ball mill, the selection ball mill media, the filling amount, the effective length of the mill, and the size of the feeding. Output of classifier is affected by various conditions such as powder concentration, turbine classifier speed, airflow and pressure, classification efficiency, particle size distribution, and product fineness.

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Processing of Jet Mill

Jet mill process: 325~4000 mesh. The silica powder produced by this production process has high purity, and its particle size can be controlled flexibly according to user requirements. The added value is high, but this process required high energy consumption. It can be used for processing ultra-pure quartz powder.

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Processing of Vibration Mill and Classifier

This production process is typically used in Lianyungang, Fogang, Guangdong and other customers. With high production efficiency. However, due to the limited single-line production capacity, it is suitable for small-scale production.

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