The source history and development trend of quartz stone


Quartz stone has become the new darling of decorative stone at present, and its advantages are obvious to all. So how much do you know about the origin of quartz stone? Today, I will take you to understand the history of quartz stone. Quartz stone was born in Italy in 1984. The production technology is proprietary to the Italian company Bristol. It was originally called Bristol. It is composed of more than 93% quartz crystal, plus 7% resin and trace elements under vacuum conditions. High-pressure large-sized sheet

As the technology of quartz stone manufacturers spreads around the world, it has become a new fashion trend. As of 2007, there are 28 quartz stone production lines in 14 countries and regions around the world. The global quartz stone market has grown from tens of thousands of US dollars per year in 1984 to 3 billion US dollars per year. This is a process of rapid development. It has become more rapid because of the activation of the Chinese quartz stone market.

Initially, quartz stone was only used on cabinet countertops, furniture countertops, and laboratory worktops with high surface requirements. With the development of economy and the further maturity of the market, more and more grounds, walls, furniture and other fields in foreign countries have begun to use quartz stone, such as various large hotels, luxury residences, and landmark buildings. Quartz stone is gradually becoming a substitute for natural stone. . The customers who use quartz stone are also changing constantly. From traditional wholesalers to real estate development companies to building decoration companies, more and more people are joining the trend of quartz stone consumption.

It is definitely not an accident that quartz stone can achieve such a great success. The advantages and characteristics of quartz stone are obvious to all, and the price of quartz stone is acceptable to everyone. After learning about the history of quartz stone, are you more interested in quartz stone? More questions about quartz stone.

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