Application of colored quartz sand


Colored quartz sand has the characteristics of various colors, rich texture, high strength and good wear resistance. It is widely used in ground, wall and roof materials to improve the decorative and functional properties of the material. With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for architectural color, the amount of colored quartz sand in the field of architectural decoration has shown a rapid growth trend in recent years.

Colored sand floor
Colored quartz sand is the main raw material for colored sand floor coatings. Colored sand floor coating is a floor material made of colored quartz sand as aggregate and modified epoxy resin as adhesive. The construction thickness is generally 3-30mm. It is suitable for hotels, office buildings, and exhibition halls. , shopping malls, hospitals and other places. In recent years, epoxy colored sand decorative floors have become very popular in developed countries, and are known as “colored sand seamless hard carpets” by European and American countries.

Colored asphalt road
Colored sand can be used as a covering material for colored pavements. In urban roads, colored sand can be coated on asphalt pavement, which not only increases the aesthetic effect, but also has the function of marking and warning. Compared with petroleum resin-based road marking paint, colored sand asphalt road has better durability. Colored quartz sand can also be used on the ground in residential areas, playgrounds, scenic spots, parking lots and other places to improve the anti-skid, wear-resistant and decorative properties of the road.

Colored asphalt shingles
Colored asphalt tiles are a new type of colorful tile-shaped roof waterproof sheet with glass fiber felt or polyester felt as the carcass, asphalt as the main component of the coating material, one side covered with colored sand particles, and the other side covered with isolation materials. Colored asphalt tiles have the characteristics of good weather resistance, waterproof, rich colors, various forms, good dust removal and self-cleaning properties, and easy construction. They are widely used as waterproof decorative materials for sloping roofs at home and abroad.

Real stone paint and texture paint have the characteristics of rich texture and various colors due to the addition of colored quartz sand and other aggregates. Through spraying and other construction methods, the decorative effect similar to natural stone can be obtained. Since there are certain differences in decorative effects between real stone paint and texture paint, the selection of materials such as colored quartz sand for the two products is also different.
The real stone paint is mainly made of white natural quartz sand, and the number of particles is mostly 40-70 mesh and 70-120 mesh. In order to obtain a special decorative effect, colored quartz sand particles with a particle size of 20-40 mesh can be added, such as Taihang Black. , chicken blood red, Chinese red and other colored sand particles, you can also use natural color powder to adjust the depth of the color, so that the tone of the coating is full of layers.

Decorative mortar
Color decorative mortar is a new type of wall decoration material, which is composed of inorganic gelling materials, organic polymers, fillers and aggregates. Because the thermal and mechanical properties such as elastic modulus and thermal expansion coefficient of the colored decorative mortar are similar to the plastering mortar of the external thermal insulation system, it has good matching and compatibility with the external thermal insulation system.

Colored sand painting
In addition to being used on floors and walls, colored quartz sand can also be used in handicraft manufacturing and artistic creation. At present, the more popular colored sand painting is to use colored quartz sand for artistic creations such as foil gold craft sand painting (cloisonné craft painting), cartoon painting, traditional facial make-up, and traditional Chinese painting. The colored sand painting is rich in color, bright in tone and full of three-dimensional effect, and can be processed and produced according to the special requirements of customers.

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